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Containing a verse of Quran, CL 2NE1's "MTBD" raises controversy
Saturday, 8 March 2014 | 5:40:00 pm | 0 said something here
CL used Quran in her new song??

I’m sure everyone has heard about this, About CL using a Quran verse in her new song, Mental Break Down. Stuff are getting out of hand, there are Muslims who are bashing CL and there are CL stans who arent Muslim, bashing Muslims and the Quran…because of that I decided to explain everything and hopefully people will stop and understand (since many people are confused)
First of all I want to give you just a tiny bit of info about what Muslim are and what’s the Quran (for you who don’t know). Muslims are people who believe in the religion Islam and the Quran is Muslims Holy Book. We, Muslims, believe that the Quran is 100% God’s words. We aslo believe that the Quran should be VERY respected. If you want to know more, then please go do your own research. 
Now, it’s time for me to tell you where did CL/Teddy use the Quran verse in CL’s song.
I need you to watch two videos.
The first video is a video of a boy reading the Quran with his beautiful voice. Please skip all the way to 3:27 and listen to the boy. Here’s the video: https://t.co/uPPOuiEnLo
The second video is CL’s song Mental Break Down. Ok so I want you to skip to 1:02 and listen to THE BACKGROUND “MUSIC” all the way to about 1:15. Here is CL’s song: https://t.co/oc1FxBQyDf
If you listen carefully you could hear the boy’s voice reading the Quran in the background of CL’s song. It sounds a lot like Bollywood music, but the more you listen to it the more you’ll hear the boy. 

Now that I have showed you where the Quran verse is being read/heard in CL’s song, I hope that you would understand why Muslims are mad. Quran should never be mixed with ANY type of music at all. It’s very disrespectful and rude. So I hope that all the non Muslims who are CL stans will stop saying rude thinks to us Muslims and will stop insulting Islam.
I understand that you are mad, I was mad too. But i never went to CL’s Instagram and wrote all this hateful stuff to CL. There are a lot of Muslims kpoppers who are going to CL’s Instagran saying “You will go to hell” and “I hate you” and all this other rude stuff. I want you to stop and look at yourself. Who are you to tell CL to go to hell. Are you Allah (God)?? NO ONE KNOWS WHO WILL END UP IN HELL BESIDES GOD. You guys are saying mean rude stuff…when CL reads all the comments she won’t see “offended Muslims” but rather “Rude disrespectful Muslims who are hateful” if you are a true Muslim, you won’t go around telling others they’ll be going to hell. If you want CL to do something about the song then NICELY tell her why you are mad. Tell her that she offended you, don’t tell her she will go to hell.
I’m a Blackjack and I will still be one. I love CL and 2NE1 and I will still support them. But as a Muslim, I have decided to stop listening to that song, Mental Break Down. I’m not going to hate on CL, I will not leave the blackjack fandom, but I will deleted the song Mental Break Down from my playlist. 
With that being said, I hope all of you, Muslims and Non Muslims, would stop arguing. And I hope that Teddy would do something about the song (like what Katy Perry did with her mv)

Thanks for lending me your eyes ! (:

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